Hanácká mozeka Litovel
A cimbalom band from the Czech Republic


Hanácká mozeka Litovel is a cimbalom band from Litovel, Czech Republic. Since its establishment in 2001, it focuses on songs from Haná – a region located in the central Moravia. Its members are musicians and singers who perform folk music in a way typical for this region.

We have participated in many events, ranging from small local events to large internatinal festivals. We also had several opportunities to present the Haná foklore abroad (in Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Serbia, Netherlands). In Christmas time, we play Haná Christmas carols in local churches.

Since we cooperate with several local folk groups (which perform traditional dances from the Haná region), we are able to offer performances comprised of both traditional Haná folk songs and dances. If you would like to see us on your festival or event, see the contact information below.


Iveta Navrátilová
Tel.: +420 777 619 109
E-mail: navratilova.iveta@email.cz